Monday, August 15, 2016

Ditegur (The warning)

Since I get my holiday, I've been lazy around ALOT. I got up for fajr at 6.45am.
For the record, I woke up at 6.00am if I need to attend class in the morning.

So the 'subuh gajah' continue for almost a month. Usually I get to do that only on weekend.

So, one fine day, I lost my IC card and license. After done the police report, I went to renew my IC.
Guess what? been charged for RM110 for that.

So, morning prayer is synonym with the door of rezeki.
There goes my RM110 rezeki due to delaying my solat.

Plus, Azan is a call for success right?
Guess what? I need to postpone my driving test due to the lost. See my success been postponed?

I believe all these happened due to my 'subuh gajah' habit.
Allah trying to correct me someway.

Astgahfirullah alazim. I repent to you Allah. Forgive me.
I will try to get up earlier.
*set alarm at 6.30*
It's a start. I better take it slowly or else, everything will go wrong.

till then. jaga solat.

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