Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Long Journey Before To The Sky High

On 29 June 2011, Wednesday...
Muslims worldwide is reminiscing an event known as Israk and Mikraj.
It was happened on 27 Rejab a year before Hijra (click here to know about Hijra year)
Who's involved in this event?
again (why again? bcoz i used to write about Him long ago)
Muhammad S.A.W The Prophet. 
Let start the story~

Once upon a time, Muhammad S.A.W was came by a man (who was actually Gabriel west-named for Jibril A.S) who wore white robe. Gabriel embraced Muhammad from behind and lied Him off to the ground. Then, Gabriel dissected Muhammad chest and removed a lump of meat that is believe the  liver/heart where all the thought and feel reside. Gabriel then, wash the meat with 'zam-zam' water and put the meat back inside the Muhammad's rib cage. 
Take note that the operation happened during Muhammad childhood.

In the midnight, Muhammad was came again by Gabriel with a 4 limbs creature called Burak. This creature is damn amazing fast! As fast as the light could traveled. The Israk itself means a journey by Muhammad from Al-Haram Mosque to Al-Aqsa Mosque. During Muhammad journey He saw variety of incident about how human have and will behave. In addition,Gabriel also told  Muhammad to pray at 3 places. (sorry i don't know how to translate those places names) 
The next term is Mikraj means the journey of Muhammad from Al-Aqsa mosque to 'Sidratulmuntaha' to meets Allah S.W.T. It is believe that Muhammad traveled to all clouds that exist before seeing Allah. At every cloud, Muhammad met some previous Prophets and saw remarkable thing. At last, Muhammad met The God. Allah ordered Muhammad to tell His people to pray 5 times a day thus, MUSLIM MUST PRAY. Believe it or not, before Allah reduced the amount to 5 times a day, Allah initially ordered Muslim to pray 50 times a day. After being advised by previous Prophets, Muhammad beg for reduction from Allah  and got accepted. 
(take not that this journey happened in just one night)
Unfortunately, there were many Muslims deny the story of Muhammad journey as it was very unbelievable. The story was sound so unreal because:
  • the journey from Al- Haram Mosque to Al- Aqsa Mosque only,  is too far. One night is just not enough for that.
  • people have never seen burak. they don't now how fast was this creature. Plus, on that time camel was the main transportation that people have.
Ustaz aku tanya, korang percaya tak semut boleh bergerak dari bukit jalil ke KLCC tak sampai sehari suntuk? Kalo aku tolong bawak semut dari bukt jalil ke KLCC naik LRT kan cepat sampai... renungkan~

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