Monday, November 14, 2011

To One

It's a fate
So, why questioned?
It's called fate because it has happened long ago
So, why questioned?
Unless it is going to happen
It's called choice
Do you help?
No effort
One face it alone
Only one knew how it feels until today
So, who are you to judge?
So, who are you to critics?
One knows what best for her.
She had endured so much all this while
So, why should you make her feel more sad?
Don't you have sympathy?
Are you satisfied by making one cry/difficult/helpless?
Why are you keep remind her of the memories she strive to forget?
Are you envy?
You don't want to see others happy?
You are SICK!
In your BRAIN and HEART
I suggest you go for a check up before it get worse
I'm afraid you'll lose your mind seeing the one you don't want to see her happy with her life
lives in a blissful life with her family.
Even the family is not perfect
Because they lost someone
They still have God by their side
To protect them from your evil mind
My tears that day showing my respect
If I could
I would like to scream "That's why you feel something missing in your life, though your asset is Everest much."

Don't look down on others
Because it doesn't make you on top.

About Me

always annoy the others. i'm enjoy doing various things but obsess only to one kind of things. hold tight my Principe.