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Last Tuesday, Muslims worldwide take a note of the first day of Islam's new year. also known as Hijra Year. (Maal Hijrah-malay). What so special about Hijra that make muslims worldwide to remember it? The Hijra (هِجْرَة) is the migration of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and his followers to the city of Medina in 622 (Common Era) (wikipedia)

The factors leading to this migration were :
  • To save muslim from being tortured by non-muslim in mecca
  • To spread the Islamic teaching widely
  • Medina citizen's invitation for Muhammad to solve the racial issues
  • The order of Allah   
(sorry if there are any fact that i left-memorized it)

The migration consists of 2 trips. For the 1st trip, Muhammad was not involved. This indicated Muhammad's concern for his follower. Muhammad let his people to leave first. Then, on the 2nd trip Muhammad left with his loyal companion Abu Bakar As-Siddiq.
However, the musyrikin (non-muslim) knew about this  and planned to kill him. So, Muhammad planned a brilliant strategy where Ali b. Abi Talib (Muhammad adopted child) disguised as Muhammad to sleep at Muhammad's bed. Before leaving his house, Muhammad read a sentence of Surah Yassin and (i don't know how) Muhammad and Abu Bakar were invisible from the musyrikins' eyes. So, the could not detect Muhammad and fail to track Muhammad path to Medina which mean musyrikins' plan to kill Muhammad is failed. This is because, Muhammad take a different and far route to Medina and stopped at a numbers of places such as Hira' Cave.
There was also an attempt to kill Muhammad at Hira' Cave. It is prevented by presence of thick spider web at the entrance of the cave. 
Muhammad and Abu Bakar also built a Mosque on their way to Medina named Nabawi. At last, Muhammad and Abu Bakar reached Medina safely. They were welcomed by the Medina citizen with a warm welcome.

These are proves that Hijra is not 'the flee of Muslim' :
  • The muslims were welcomed by the Medina's citiczen
  • Muhammad was invited by the head of group in Medina
  • The Mecca muslim (muhajirin) were given right place to stay and the Medina citizen shared their belongings with muhajirin.
  • Muhammad was appointed as head of Medina
(also sorry if there any facts that i left. again i memorized it)  

That is all about Hijrah. After a few decades the head of islam country named Umar Al-Khattab introduced this year of hijrah instead of common era (masihi-malay). 
the months of islam are :
  • muharam
  • safar
  • rabiul awal
  • rabiul akhir
  • jamadil awal
  • jamadil akhir
  • rejab 
  • syaaban
  • ramadhan (muslims are fasting)
  • syawal
  • zulkaedah
  • zulhijjah (muslims go to mecca to perform Hajj) 

 I intentionally publish this story in purpose of memorizing the facts. After leaving school i'm afraid i would forget it. Plus, to redeem myself  which had happily and successfully published stories about harry potter. So why not a little bit about islam- my way of life.
thank you.

 gelinye.. takutnye..
 Hira' Cave

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Salam Maal Hijrah terlebih dahulu aku ucapkn..
Xpayah dsuruh, manusia mmg sering berubah..
Tapi sama ada ke arah positif or negatif..
Ckp psl perubahn..
Aku telah berubah sedikit sbyk..
Alhmdulillah aku tinggalkn dunia kejahilan dan mencari kebenaran..
Tapi, aku dpt rasakn usaha aku itu telah terhenti
Tiada penambah baikan lg..
Namun, aku bersyukur kerana aku tidak kembali jahil..
Setelah 1 perubahn yg aku laksanakan, aku cume maintain di situ
Tidak bersedia untuk melangkah lg, atau tidak jumpe panduannya..
Aku akan trus ditakuk ini kalo tdk mencuba..
Hidayah milik Allah yg perlu dcari bukan ditunggu...

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