Sunday, December 9, 2012

What I've learned

Last December 6, 2012
My friends and I had officially graduate from diploma (I siku org yg lekeh2 dip).
The ceremony was too long because our faculty have ton of students who managed to graduate.
We proud of ourselves and this convocation is actually a gift to parents from us because this way we can make our parents proud.
Not to mention for student who manage to get award during the ceremony.
Congratulations everyone of you

The point is, over three years of studying like hell, it is a waste if we just forget what we learn because of the vision we hold 'study for exam'.
Perhaps, if the valuable knowledge like physics, chemistry, biology, computer science and entrepreneurship were easily put aside by us, how about the non-theory things that we learn outside the class during all the three years?
Friendship, love, sacrifices, effort, determination, discipline and etc. would also easily forget by us.

So, let's not forget everything we learnt.
I take this opportunity to glue my memories and what I learn from friends over three years of diploma here

Before taking bus to hall: I learn a lot together with them, some of it how to rise after failure, how to work hard to achieves something and how to camhore.. heheh

Behind the stage: I learn silat together with feqa n syida, owh, congrats ika! hehe

Antara yang sempat bergambar.. Diorang brilliant students yg boleh belajar macam2 dgn dorg... So, jgn jauhi ilmuan.. dekati mereka

With her I learn how to organize a small party for beloved friend and how to pump tyre.. haha

I learn love, hardship, sacrifices, cook, dress, speak English and almost everything form her

I learn valuable thing during degree from this diploma friend, "we're not study for excel in exam but to contribute to society". She advised me when I told my test's mark sucks.  So, I don't really mind if I don't scores good grade as long as don't have to repeat.

What I think right now is how to apply what I learn in helping people. To get high mark is just bonus =)

my Cameragirl I hope this fella could succeed in what she plan in life. I didn't inspire her enough though.

This picture was stolen by someone FB, emm.. I learn to 'bonceng' motorcycle and cook with her. Great experience. 

Look, there are so many things that we could learn from different persons. *Note that I learn a lot from others besides people above, it just that I don't have their picture on convocation days

So, make a lot of friends, true friends instead of enemy even we can learn a lot from them but better no need.

Do not study only for exam but study because you wanted to know it (bajet aku buat. hehe)

Learning process not only happen in class but also through friendship, family bond and life. Broad our mind and learn every single thing on earth.

Thank you everybody that teaches me every single thing in my life.

Live life to the fullest


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