Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Thing that I really do not want to happen.

This blog has long been abandoned and looks like the writer has almost forgot it's main purpose. Which. To talk about things that occurs that triggers the thinking head. (Read: fikiran tatkala kejadian). 

So, back to the square one. My first ever semester break after 2 years of studying health science was occupied by me watching tv. 
(I just feel my precious nap time getting wasted being outside of the house).
So, here the piece that starts to kick my mind to write again.

Greys Anatomy Season 2 Episode: Tell Me Sweet Little Lies.

To be fair, I'm not telling the whole episode synopsis here, I'm going straight to the scene that causes me to think.

There's Sophie,  she had hip replacement surgery a month ago and was discharged from hospital but refuse to go.


Sophie excuse to not leaving is to wait until her daughter finished setting Sophie's room at the daughter house which non exist.

Sadly, her daughter has plan her to stay at Sugar Maple Nursing Home. 

There's Malay quote saying, one mother could nurture 10 children but the children won't guarantee to be able to take care of one mom when she's old.

I used to help in hospital, and I read numbers of patients bed ticket which address to nursing home.

The children are there. I see they could afford people to take care of their mom instead. They're busy. Visit their mom only for 10min/day and after their mom had recover, return the mom to nursing home.

The old-man doesn't like it. They rather be at home alone than any nursing home. They rather stay with the child even the way the child take care of them is harsh compared to a nurse. Let them stay with us. Even there's no enough room in our house. Let them stay with us, even if we don't have the 24/7 time to spend for them. 

I pray really hard to Allah, that He won't give me such a brutal heart to let my mom being sent to nursing home. I hope my siblings wont mind to take turn to take care of my mom. She's our mom. Even I'm the daughter doesn't make sons to be free from responsible.

For the time being. I'm praying for my mom's good health. Love you mom.

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